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'Betsy Bottoms'
Tracy Easson is a talented illustrator who lives in Scotland.  You may recognise her name as she is also the designer of the Wonky Tonk collection.

She has begun her own company called "Just A Girl And Her Imagination" and the BOTTOMS family is the beginning of this journey for her.

In Tracy's words...

"Betsy Bottoms … Can you GUESS what her FAVOURITE thing to DO in the WHOLE wide WORLD is?

WHY ... To go on an ADVENTURE when the SKIES are all SPARKLY and BRIGHT .. RIDING the CLOUDS in HER wee boat. Shhhhhh ... if YOU listen real careful YOU will hear HER, GIGGLING away with every SWOOP she takes with HER net, capturing WISHES as SHE goes...OF COURSE!

Be sure to look to the NIGHT sky tonight and LISTEN real QUIET for BETSY."

This set includes Betsy, Betsy`s step ladder, Betsy`s wishin' star jar, Believe Moon, Little Star alongside 19 -word stamps allowing you to mix and match, creating sentiments from the heart.

Here are a few ways that Tracy has come up with for mixing and matching the words:

I Caught A Wish For You ..., I Caught A {insert little star} For You, You Were Made To Dream Big, Follow Your Dreams, May All Your Dreams Come True, Dream Big, Dream{ insert little star}

This is a clear photopolymer stamp set in a DL size.



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