Simon Hurley – Stamping Foam

Simon Hurley – Stamping Foam


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Simon Hurley Stamping Foam

Simon Hurley's Stamping Foam for Ranger Ink is a simple yet intriguing little tool that you're going to have endless hours of crafty fun with. Simply heat, press, ink & stamp for some out-of-this-world stamp impressions & patterns on your cards, pages, & more!

One package containing four pieces of Stamping Foam from Simon Hurley for Ranger Ink.

Size: Each piece measures 3" x 4  1/4"

Contains 4 pieces to maximize your craftiness.
Simple to clean & completely reusable.
Can be used with your favorite inks and mediums.
Easy to heat with a heat tool/gun or even a hairdryer.
Pick up textured impressions/patterns from anywhere including embossing folders, stamps, dies & around the house
Great for backgrounds & card fronts.
You'll have so much fun looking through your craft supplies to see what patterns you can pick up with the Simon Hurley Stamping Foam. Flip through your embossing folders and your collection of dies to see what you can come up with. And don't forget to look through your stamps as well! Remember, when you press them into the Stamping Foam, it actually creates a reverse pattern from the actual stamp!

How To Use Your Stamping Foam:
Take your block of Stamping Foam and heat it up for roughly 15-30 seconds so that it softens - ensure you heat the entire surface area.
Use the Stamping Foam by itself or on an acrylic block to press the softened material into a texture, stamp, embossing folder, or other surface with raised and/or recessed patterns.
Once you've picked up your texture in the Stamping Foam, apply your favorite inks or mediums just like you would a regular stamp.
Press your inked Stamping Foam onto your project to transfer the ink and the design.
Either re-ink and "stamp" again or wipe your Stamping Foam clean with your favorite stamp cleaner
To release the impression from the block, reheat the Stamping Foam until it softens.
Repeat for endless crafty fun!
Make sure you give yourself the time to have fun with this unique, simple little tool. It can be used over and over again so take a good look around the house and even outside in nature to see what textured patterns you might be able to pick up and transfer to your next project.

Number of pieces: 4


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