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Matilda Bottoms


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Matilda Bottoms
Tracy Easson is a talented illustrator who lives in Scotland.  You may recognise her name as she is also the designer of the Wonky Tonk collection.

She has begun her own company called "Just A Girl And Her Imagination" and the BOTTOMS family is the beginning of this journey for her.

In Tracy's words...

"Matilda Bottoms … Can you GUESS what her FAVOURITE thing to DO in the WHOLE wide WORLD is?

WHY... to burl around SO fast that HER skirt fills with AIR...LIFTING her UP, UP and AWAY...whiskers TWITCHIN, nose SNITCHIN, giggling away with GLEE as SHE whirls back down and HER clackity BOOTS touch the ground... OF COURSE! "

This set includes: Matilda, Matilda`s wallpaper, scallop, little Betsy and her balloon alongside 16-word stamps allowing you to mix and match, creating sentiments from heart.

Here are a few ideas for you to put the words in this set together -

Birthday Wishes, Birthday Wishes ... I Love You, Birthday Wishes Little One, I Love You, I Love You This Much, I Love You This Much Little One, Truly Madly Deeply, I Love You Truly Madly Deeply, Up Up Up And Away.

This is a clear photopolymer stamp set in a DL size.


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